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In order to bridge the difference in height and distance between the loading bay and the vehicle floor Logistic Solutions supplies the LS dockleveler.
The LS dock-levelers are available in hydraulic as well as in mechanical version including a hinged or extendable lip. The LS dock-levelers are available in numerous dimensions and capacities and various built-in possibilities. This results in the fact that mounting cost can be considerably reduced. Characteristic however is the else of operation,the high quality and safety.
Wheel Restrain


During loading / unloading, the leveller floats on the lorry. In case of unexpected truck moves, your equipment, your goods, and your employee are in danger.
That' s the accident.
Wheel restrain is security for your loading operations.

* The manual wedge placed under the truck wheel, maintain it in its loading / unloading position.

* A signal placed into the wheel restrain keep us inform of the lorry position.

* If the wedge is not engaged the dock leveller cannot work.

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