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The LS 601 is an industrial sectional door, which can be installed in any type of area, due to its large range of track systems and operational possibilities.
The characteristics of the LS doors are high quality, safety, superb thermal insulation as well as sound insulation, functionality and practical ease of operation.
LS industrial doors fully comply with all relevant European safety standards ( amongst which EN 12604 and EN 12453 ) and are provided with a CE-marking, a gurantee for quality and safety.
Seals around the door surface ensure an optimum sealing, resulting in energy cost-saving and improvement in working conditions.
In order to prevent corrosion, the guide rails, profiles, connecting pieces, hinges bearing roller supports and bearing plates are fully galvanised as a standard, and the guide rails as well as the other fixed connections are fastened to the sturdy profiles by means of a pressure-joint technique.

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