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Swing gates are very traditional structures that require adequate attention during motorization as they are subject to growing friction generated by bad weather, especially if exposed to heavy use. Euromatic offers numerous models, all of which are electromechanical, that have been designed in order to enable easy installation on all types of gates, even those of large dimensions.
Swing GatesDiagram of Swing Gates


The Euromatic Swing Gate operator has been designed and manufactured according to the "monobloc" conception. The motor, the reduction gear, the steel large diameter worm screw, the capacitor & the force regulator are housed in a compact, diecast, aluminium case. The motor rotary movement causes, through the reduction gear, the worm screw activation and therefore the axial movement of the pulling shaft that activates the gate leaf.

Should a power failure occur, by turning the external key, the motor is disengaged from the reduction gear thus enabling the manual movement of the gate.

The force regulator, properly calibrated permits the thrust adjustment of the actuator according to the real operational requirements and to safety regulations in force.

The case is varnished in powder enamel and is completely weatherproof.
Reduction Gear: Epicycloidal type


Underground automatic systems for swing gates :-

Valuable gates very often required "invisible" automatic systems to avoid altering their aesthetic appearance. The range of underground systems has been designed with such needs in mind and is ideal for insertion under existing paving, especially when this is of high artistic value, due to its compact dimensions and the flexibility of two solutions available

Cubic 110o- Cubic 180o :-
Underground automatic system for swing gate with opening angle of 110o or 180o.
Underground automatic system for swing gate

The cubic underground gate motors are "invisibly" housed beneath the gate leaf, along the axis of the hinge, and are designed to move all types of leaves, even heavy or large ones. As they are nonreversible they require a release system, which may be installed on the gate leaf or at a distance, through a special key handle release. Versions are available that use a 230 AC power supply, for frequent use or a 230 V power supply with a 24V DC to the motor and auxiliary circuits through a control panel, for intensive use.

Cubic 110o:-

  • For gate leaves measuring up to 4 m or weighing up to 800 Kg, with an opening angle up to 100o.
  • With a practical system of leaves that enables effective kinematic slow-down at the end of the stroke.
Swing gates
Swing gates Cubic 180o:-
  • For gate leaves measuring up to 3.5 m or weighing up to 600 Kg, with an opening angle up to 180o
  • With geared system for transmission of movement.
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