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Sectional Overhead Doors
Built-in sectional pass door
Built-in sectional pass door
Fixed side pass-door
Fixed side pass-door


Designed for customers who need robust, well-insulated and space-saving doors in the outer walls of insulated industrial premises.
The sectional overhead door glides up under the roof when opened, allowing free space around the door opening and leaving the door opening completely free. Great flexibility makes it possible to install a door in almost every type of building - there is always room for a Euromatic Sectional door.
Sectional Doors are designed to suit all openings: Various vertical sliding track configuration, is adopted to suit individual site situations, giving end-user maximum space utility. The articulate torsion spring balancing door enables smooth and easy operation even manually. Insulated Polyurethane sandwich steel or aluminum panels are produced on a continuous process lamination line, with special reinforced full-length steel strip internally inserted in stronger screw fixing areas. Colour finish and acrylic vision openings available as options. Special EPDM Rubber seals are provided, on sides, top, bottom and in between panels. This ensures complete dust and environment protection. A built-in personnel door is optionally available where necessary.
The "EUROMATIC" Sectional Overhead Door is supplied with either manual or electrical operation, glazed or sold, with or without a built-in pass-door. It comes in a variety of colours. In addition, a wide range of optional equipment is available to meet individual demands. All EUROMATIC doors comply with or exceed national regulations.
Qualified engineers will extend complete on site supports in determining the orientations and operational guidance to client's satisfaction. Extended warranties are available on subsequent Annual Maintenance Contract.

Various operations of door travel
Sectional Door-Normal Head Room
Sectional Door-High Lift Sectional Door-Vertical Lift
Sectional Door-Low Head Room
Normal Head Room High Lift Vertical Lift Low Head Room

Door Section
sandwich design Sectional Door

Door Section Built-Up -

Process laminated door leafs give superior stability, function and Insulation.
1. Top Seal (available in several designs)
2. Sectional joints achieve good tightness and broken cold bridges
3. Inner and outer sheeting available in different colours
4. Inside steel reinforcement strip along the whole section length for the
stable installation of sectional hinges etc.
5. Windows (optional)
6. Rubber or plastic window frame
7. Wind load reinforcement
8. Insulation -freon-free polyurethane.
9. Handle.
10. Bottom Seal (available in several designs).

The glazed panels are of the same sandwich design as the covered door panels. The window frames are of rectangular or oval design. The windows are made of single or double acrylic glazing or hardened glass. The bottom section cannot be glazed.
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