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The dock shelter seals between vehicle and building by keeping wind, rain and cold outside, or the cold inside in case of cold storage facilities, they contribute to an energy saving and efficient operation as well as to an improved working environment.

The Dock Shelter is suitable in locations where vehicles of varying sizes and models dock.The choice of shelter is normally based on some basic conditions: Building design, type of vehicles, energy saving demands and goods requiring special conditions.

For locations where vehicles of varying sizes and models arrive at frequent intervals, inflatable seals or dock shelters offer a good solution. In applications where the vehicles are of similar sizes, the pad seal is a simple but excellent solution.

Effective sealing reduces energy costs for heating or cooling and here the inflatable seals provide the best values. Special goods e.g. deep-frozen food often requires unbroken cold chains. The inflatable seal or the pad seal are the products most preferred.

Retractable built-in scissor arms will allow the shelter to adapt to the truck's position during the dock-in maneuvering.
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